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The end of 100 level classes!!

Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 11:10 am
Category: WCI

I finally finished my basic cake class. Woo-hoo! No more cake for 3 weeks! Then the cakes get serious, celebration cakes and such. (IE wedding cake). I got an A on my practical. I can make cakes and do them decently, but they are not what I’m most in love with. I don’t want to make them on a daily basis. Once in a while to mix things up would be okay, but not everyday! This last week we made all sorts of cakes, which where my favorites to make in the class, oddly enough. We made angel food, Chiffon cake, A Dobos torte, A Pralinette, and a chocolate mousse cake. The Dobos Torte, a 7 layer cake with a final caramel covered cake layer, and nut spikes was quite a fun cake to make! The Pralinette is a cake wrapped in modeling chocolate, which is versatile like marzipan or fondant. It’s mold able, it can be rolled out. It tastes pretty good by itself, unlike marzipan and fondant, it tastes like a dark chocolate tootsie roll. Marzipan and fondant are too sweet for me alone. The Chocolate mousse cake is chocolate upon chocolate, garnished and finished with chocolate. My cake has over 50 chocolate cigarettes on top, which chef Sadie said “looked professional”.Yippee! Onto plated desserts… but that’s another blog.


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