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The most entertaining toy ever.

Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2007 at 10:52 pm
Category: WCI

There’s a machine a school that is designed to roll out doughs, great for laminate doughs. (Anything that has layers of butter incorporated into it.) You press a button and the dough zips to one side, you press a red button, and it stops. You press another button and the dough zips back to the first side, you press the red button and it stops. If you press the button and is zips to the side, but you don’t press the red button in time, then the dough gets launched off the belt. It’s quite fun to use, but requires some level of focus.  Here I am rolling out croissant, but these doughs are in a class of their own.funlaminatemachine.jpg

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  1. dae
    October 15th, 2007 17:36

    Finally, a picture of you wearing your cool stuff!