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I can pick up my bread by it’s ears!

Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2007 at 10:37 pm
Category: WCI

beautiful-ears.jpgYay! Today I succeeded at picking up my baguettes by their ears. I also cracked my crust which sounded fabulous! I tend to under proof things, which I am working on. I like my instructor, Chef Erin. She knows her breads. She’s a spunky, petit, Asian woman, she has tattoos on her arms. She’s enthusiastic at work. Chef Erin really knows how to manupliate yeast doughs. She’s passionate about it. I like it. She can tell you exactly what makes your structure the way it is.

I had a bad Focaccia run in today. I got to school early to finish my bread. My focaccia bag had burst, due to the lack of space that I had tied off. Then when it baked it turned into the hard, card board like, but very crusty. Not good focaccia. Chef Erin told me that I forgot the salt. It was very bland and not pleasing in the least. That went straight into the compost.

Bread is an interesting thing.

Thank you Andrew for holding my bread by it’s ear.

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