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Custard’s 1st stand

Posted on Sunday, September 16, 2007 at 5:59 pm
Category: WCI

We made custards this week, Creme Brulee and Creme Caramel. I had no troubles with the creme brulee, we are old friends. My creme brulee had a silken consistency and “refracted light nicely” according to Chef Josh. I infused it with star anise, which gave it a mild spiced flavor.

I had a little more trouble with the creme caramel. Creme caramel is the French version of Flan. I heart flan! My first attempt at creme caramel was ho-hum. My caramel was too caramel y, after going into the oven it gave it a scorched flavor, or maybe it had a scorched flavor to being with. I also over-baked the custard slightly. My second attempt yielded better results, however I still had trouble un-molding the darned things! My creme caramel was infused with citrus and cardamom. YUM! I

One Response to “Custard’s 1st stand”

  1. barb
    September 27th, 2007 13:14

    Your Creme Brulee is heaven. It always reminds me of Amelie. Crack Crack. You will have to let me be the judge of your Creme Caramel as soon as you make some for me!