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Swans 9-11-07

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at 11:08 pm
Category: WCI

I love swans, they are a happy and tasty dessert. Swans are in the same family as cream puffs and éclairs.  Only instead of super tasty pastry cream, it’s filled with whipped cream blended with lemon curd. Our pastry cream was chocolate, and with the ganache on top of those éclairs and cream puffs it is SO rich. But delicious….

We made pies yesterday. I made a pecan pie(my 1st), a Quiche Lorraine, a savory tart as you may know, and an old fashion apple pie. The quiche was very enjoyable. It was savorful when hot or cold. It was very flavorful but I think I will try a different cheese next time. Maybe a beer cheese. The apple pie was flavored with the traditional cinnamon and sugar. I also added some curry. I think it needs more sugar, but the curry makes you think about the flavor a little more. It also turned my apples this lovely shade of reddish-purple. Tomorrow Creme Brulee and Creme Caramel.—Kswans.jpg

One Response to “Swans 9-11-07”

  1. barb
    September 12th, 2007 10:05

    Are you taking pictures of all your creations? Instead of a slide show “my summer vacation,” I want a slide show of “my culinary goodies!”