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Posted on Tuesday, February 26, 2008 at 12:41 pm
Category: WCI

The traditional French wedding cake is a tower of choux buns filled with pastry cream, nougatine, and caramel. The tallest one on record was about 35 feet tall! These are quiet an interesting thing, some people think they are ugly, I personally think they are interestingly pretty. They are a piece of history.

This one was made in a team of 3: myself, Gabie and Mara. It took us about 4 hours total production time to make, assemble and decorate. I like this cake class better than the last. It’s focus is more on decorating cakes than assembling them. Think Safeway bakery vs. upscale wedding cake boutique. I enjoy the fine details, it’s time consuming but very satisfying.

We also had to produce a celebration cake of our choice. The basic cake was all the same, white cake with buttercream, coated with a layer of marzipan and then with fondant. We had to decorate it with butter cream flowers, and marzipan flowers. That’s where the creativity options came up. We got to play with colors, and the flowers of our choice, and the inscription. I think my cake looks like an old lady hat. Chef Sadie liked my color selection enough to give me a bonus point. Woo-hoo!


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